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Research in the Colloid Science Laboratory

Our research is primarily focused on better understanding the physics of colloidal dispersions, and exploiting them in the assembly of advanced materials with tunable microstructure and physical properties. The engineering applications of our research include energy systems, biomaterials, and complex fluids. We use a variety of experimental and computational techniques in our research to enable the design and engineering of new materials that are predominantly self-assembled from colloidal building blocks. Below you can find short descriptions of our current projects.

Fundamentals of Colloid Science and Soft Materials
To help the design of next generation colloidal materials, we are interested in better understanding the physics of colloidal suspensions. From the unique properties of anisotropic colloids to nonlinear rheology of gels and colloidal assembly at fluid interfaces, we are always thirsty for fundamental problems in colloid science and soft matter physics. Click here for a taste of some of the problems that we enjoy working on.
Applications of Soft Matter in Energy Systems
We use a new class of soft materials called bijels (bicontinuous interfacially jammed emulsion gels) to develop microstructured  composites that allow facile tuning of the energy and power densities in electrochemical energy systems. Visit this page for details.
Biomaterials Derived from Colloidal Suspensions
Colloidal assembly at fluid interfaces provides access to a unique class of soft materials with co-continuous, uniform arrangement of the constituent phases.  We exploit this unique morphology in the development of materials and devices for cell delivery and tissue engineering. You can learn more about this project here.